The quickest way to enhance any space is by adding greenery; garden walls are a proven solution to bring any space to life. However, many urban settings may present too many problems to permit the installation or maintenance of a green garden wall using natural plants.

Artificial garden walls from Evergreen Walls are designed to readily add beautiful greenery to any space. A great way to provide some additional life to commercial and retail spaces, office buildings, courtyards and hospitals, an artificial garden wall allows contractors, architects, shopfitters, and interior designers to install greenery in a wide range of locations that don’t necessarily support natural plant growth or maintenance.

The zero-maintenance artificial garden walls offer a great variety of plants and colours, and are really cost-effective.

No-maintenance garden walls

Artificial garden walls are very durable, delivering a consistency of coverage not easily replicated with natural plants. An ideal solution for adding greenery to locations that might not typically have plant coverage, such as an indoor reception area, artificial garden walls don’t require UV lighting and can be installed without requiring any changes to the existing lighting setup. Once installed, the garden wall is ready, introducing instantaneous greenery into the area without having to wait for plants to fill in. Being artificial, the plants or the installation do not require any maintenance.

Unlimited colours and plant varieties

Natural garden walls are often limited by factors such as available light and plants that will grow in a particular setting. Evergreen Walls’ artificial garden walls can be installed in both indoor and outdoor locations and offer a wide choice of plants in myriad colours. Evergreen’s products allow trays to be tailored to the demands of the specific area. They are a great way to provide a lush, green look in a setting such as a hospital or a clinic, where the need to maintain a sanitary environment may preclude the use of natural greenery.

Cost-effective greenery

Evergreen artificial garden walls are highly cost-effective, enabling users to build an installation for a fraction of the cost of using natural plants for similar outcomes. There is no need to install any type of watering system to maintain them, which means there is no ongoing cost of water to keep plants alive.

An artificial garden wall offers a versatile greening solution that not only avoids the high cost of creating and maintaining a natural garden wall but also helps the architect, designer or end user unleash their creative talents to produce stunning outcomes.