Interior designers are constantly challenged by the evolving needs of modern workspaces. With studies showing how the quality of work environments influences worker productivity, designers have to be increasingly creative when incorporating different calming elements in the office. In most cases, however, all it needs is an artificial plant wall in some areas of the office to create a peaceful ambience.

Here are a few great tips for transforming an office space into a calming oasis.

Nature is the best calming medicine

It’s a proven fact that natural elements improve worker productivity and efficiency. Placing green wall plants strategically around the office is one way to create a calming effect; carefully position the plants so that employees are constantly exposed to the soothing greenery. Most workspaces in office buildings don’t even have windows for employees to get some visual relief; placing artificial plants within the workspace will help tremendously.

Noise absorbing designs

Noise can be very disturbing, especially in closed workspaces. Office workers can get stressed if they hear a lot of talking, doors slamming or other random noises throughout the day. When designing an office, choose materials that maximise noise absorption. Accessorise the office with artificial plant walls that can absorb day-to-day noises common in a typical workplace. This will help eliminate distractions and reduce stress in employees.

Natural light and colours

A fake vertical wall garden works just as well in offices with windows. The natural light streaming in through windows lends a natural look to the artificial plants. Depending on the type of fake vertical wall garden you choose to incorporate, the plants can have vibrant colours to help brighten up the space and introduce cheer into the environment.

Evergreen Walls has helped designers create amazingly calming office environments for many years.