Not many people know about the benefits of moss gardening, especially its role in improving indoor air quality. However, improved air quality is just one of many benefits delivered by moss gardens in an indoor environment. Those considering a vertical green wall for their interiors can opt for the low maintenance but beautiful moss garden. One of the top trends in home decor today, a moss garden not only vibes well with any setting but also delivers specific functional benefits.

Improved indoor air quality

Moss gardens improve indoor air quality through a process known as bio-filtration whereby air pollutants are absorbed by the moss, turned into carbon dioxide and water, and then released as clean air. Since HVAC maintenance in many homes and offices is not performed regularly, having green wall plants of moss can help clean the air.

Energy saving characteristics

A vertical green wall of moss adds another layer of insulation to any home or office, helping absorb the heat or cold that the building is exposed to from the outside. By preventing this heat or cold from entering the building, the moss wall helps reduce energy bills from decreased use of climate control systems.

Low maintenance gardening

A moss wall is a proven low maintenance solution for indoor gardening. Moss requires very little sunlight and just needs to be kept wet through an occasional misting. A moss wall will not require a lot of care as very little trimming is required due to the slow growth.

Aesthetically pleasing

When carrying out an upgrade or makeover of a room’s interior decor, one is often challenged by the need to find design elements that meet aesthetic objectives. A vertical green wall of moss is subtle enough, will stand out in the room, and can also create a calming environment.

Add life to your home or office

An indoor vertical garden adds life to your home or office. By choosing a moss garden for your indoor green wall, you can clean the air, insulate the home and achieve aesthetic benefits with very little effort.

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