Living green walls are recommended as the perfect solution for offices with bare walls or awkward looking spaces.

However, living green walls go beyond adding to the overall aesthetic to deliver health and acoustic benefits. While artificial greenwalls fit the needs of offices that seek only visual appeal, living green walls offer a series of functional advantages that contribute to creating a wholesome and healthy work environment.

Improved air quality

In today’s 24/7 work environment, most people spend a considerable amount of their waking hours in the office. Unfortunately, this also means they breathe in stale air throughout the day, affecting productivity and increasing sluggishness.

An indoor vertical green wall will make the air cleaner to breathe with the live plants removing pollutants and volatile organic compounds in the air.

Reduced noise

Block out external noise from your office with an indoor green wall. Green walls are especially proven in environments located near busy highways or construction sites. While walls can only block out noise to a certain extent, a living green wall can help muffle the noise even more.

Healthier for employees

Living green walls foster a healthier environment with better indoor air quality and relaxing visual appeal. A healthy office also means better productivity and performance from the employees.

Better aesthetics

Living green walls are a popular choice in interior design for their versatility and flexibility. Green walls can be placed anywhere, especially in oddly shaped corners where nothing else can fit. Green walls are also recommended for large open spaces to introduce a beautiful visual element and break the monotony. Improving aesthetics in the office will greatly boost the morale of employees, benefitting the overall work environment.

While living greenwalls can deliver several benefits to the office, sometimes the layout and amenities may not be right to accommodate one. Consider an artificial green wall instead.

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