Artificial green walls are trending in the world of interior design spanning residential and commercial spaces. An increasing number of homeowners and business owners are integrating artificial green walls in their buildings. The reasons are many and have to do with cost, maintenance and lifespan.

Are artificial green walls better than living green walls? In this article, Evergreen Walls discusses the many disadvantages of living walls and the design benefits of artificial green walls.

Living walls and their shortcomings

Living walls are an excellent addition to interior design; apart from their visual appeal, living walls also improve indoor air quality. However, living green walls are high maintenance components in interior design – they not only need constant care in terms of watering, trimming and cleaning up but also require a certain amount of UV light, which is difficult to achieve in an indoor environment. Living walls are also more expensive to put up than artificial green walls.

Natural living walls need to be watered at regular intervals. While a complex watering system may keep the plants alive in your absence, there’s always the risk of walls and floors getting damaged from moisture exposure or leaks.

Why artificial walls are ideal

An artificial green wall offers the same amount of visual appeal without a care in the world. Not only is it cheaper, but it also requires very little maintenance, if any at all. There’s no hassle of watering the plants or exposing them to just the right amount of light, and the green wall will still look great wherever you put it.

An artificial vertical green wall is versatile enough to be placed just about anywhere, and can be installed quickly.

Perfect for interior design

Artificial green walls have a natural ability to create a relaxing atmosphere, making them very popular for interior renovations in business spaces. A green wall is a more interesting addition to a blank wall than an ordinary picture frame and can significantly enhance the ambience of a home or business office.

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