Green walls are often perceived as high maintenance inclusions in interior or exterior design. But a green wall is not always made of real plants. Thanks to advances in technology and technique, artificial green walls built with the right selection of plants can pass off as the real thing. Where maintenance is concerned, an artificial green wall significantly scores over a natural living wall. In terms of appearance, it’s tough to tell them apart.

Evergreen Walls lists out a few advantages of artificial green walls for home or office installations:

Low cost and maintenance

Artificial vertical gardens not only have a lower initial cost when compared with living green walls but also cost less in ongoing maintenance and upkeep over the long term. In terms of care, artificial green walls don’t need sunshine or UV light; no watering is required either and there’s no risk of the plants dying out because of lack of care. Artificial vertical gardens save time and money, and also prevent water leaks in walls, ceilings and floors.

Looks realistic

Artificial green walls almost look like the real deal, and can be placed anywhere – indoors or outdoors. Living plants aren’t necessarily designed to live indoors, but artificial ones will look great anywhere. Besides, there are no dead leaves or branches to be removed at any time. One of the best things about an artificial vertical garden is that the results are instantaneous. The vibrant green wall comes visually alive the moment it’s installed, unlike a living green wall that could take several weeks before the plants flourish.

Indoor or outdoor use

Artificial green walls are equally at home in an outdoor environment. Evergreen Walls offers artificial green walls in a range of panels to suit different areas such as the door entryway, the side of the shop, an interior room, basement or anywhere a little greenery is required.

Artificial green walls in home or office applications do not really have disadvantages. On the other hand, they not only boost the appearance of an interior or exterior setting, but can also create a more relaxing atmosphere.

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