Restaurant owners are constantly looking for ways to improve their business. The ambiance can be improved for instance, with new tables or even art. Evergreen Walls suggests artificial green walls to achieve this objective with less effort and expense.

Artificial green walls not only enhance the aesthetics of the restaurant, they also have functional benefits such as noise control and easy maintenance.

Noise control

Garden walls are commonly used by neighbourhood developers to help block out the noise from highways. Even if the restaurant is not located on a busy street, artificial green walls can help reduce ambient noise from the kitchen as well as within the dining space during busy periods.

Easy to maintain

One aspect where artificial green walls score over traditional green walls with real plants is in the maintenance effort. Artificial green walls deliver all the benefits of a real green wall, both aesthetically and functionally, without the bother of caring for the plants. The only real maintenance needed for artificial green walls is an occasional clean-up to keep them dust-free.

Improved ambiance

Ambiance is one of the most important elements of a restaurant, coming a close second to the food served at the venue. Artificial green walls add the finishing touch to modern restaurant design.

Garden walls Vs. random plants around the restaurant

Restaurants have been placing plants around their dining area for years; however, the look is dated and cannot match the impact of an artificial green wall. A vertical garden can accommodate more plants within a confined space, which allows for greater benefits than a few plants placed randomly around the restaurant. Besides, artificial green walls are trendy.

Where to put the green wall

Artificial green walls can be installed at the entrance of the restaurant, where they will be noticed by guests as they move towards their tables. Alternatively, a green wall can be placed on the wall that separates the kitchen from the dining room. With a green wall, it’s not necessary to put art or decor on every wall. A green wall can also be a great talking point for many customers, especially if the plants selected for the wall help to complete the look in the restaurant.