That nature has a positive effect on health is an undisputed fact; live plants and flowers have always helped people recover faster from ailments. Nature helps patients keep stress levels low, reduce anxiety, and even sleep better. Improvements in blood pressure levels, muscle tension, and even pain thresholds are experienced by patients exposed to natural settings on a regular basis.

However, many hospitals and healthcare centres avoid creating natural settings within their facilities due to problems with pollen and allergies among their patients. There is a solution for healthcare environments that would still like to bring the benefits of nature to their patients.

Artificial garden walls from Evergreen Walls use artificial foliage to recreate natural settings in an indoor environment. Tailored to the unique needs of healthcare facilities of any size, these artificial garden walls can be designed to mimic the outdoors, complete with waterfall features, lush jungle scenes, and flowery field-like settings.

Artificial garden walls are particularly safe for people of all health levels. In addition to completely eliminating the health risks of pesticides, insects, pollens, or allergy stimulants, artificial garden walls require very little maintenance, ensuring they stay vibrant and fresh year-round.

Artificial garden walls are made up of a series of panels that can be installed right onto the interior walls of a building. The garden wall can be designed to cover an entire wall or simply line the top or bottom of a wall.

The professional installation of these garden walls will not interfere with the inner working of the healthcare facility. Even an entire garden wall can be installed within just a couple of days.