Nature is the inspiration for Pantone’s 2017 Colour of the Year. Pantone brings the beauty of the wonderful outdoors into every facet of life with this year’s chosen colour – greenery.

Beautiful landscapes and scenery, and all the colours they represent have a calming effect on every human being. For instance, brown is the colour of the earth, symbolising stability and structure, warmth and honesty; blue is the colour of the sky, symbolising trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven; and green represents growth, freshness, and harmony.

Of the three, green is considered to be the most pleasant colour and is believed to have healing powers. Green is thought to be the colour of envy as well. Pantone’s new colour of the year is a magnificent zesty yellow-green hue that is guaranteed to bring the natural beauty of the outdoors inside.

One is unconsciously drawn to the wonderful natural colours of the world - spring and summer are considered to be the most beautiful seasons because of the beautiful green plants and flowers. Taking a walk through nature is always pleasant and uplifting. Any visitor to an indoor garden will only have envy in their eyes for the visual feast.

But indoor gardens also require a lot of investment in terms of time, money and effort as the plants need to be cared for continuously. Evergreen Walls recommends their artificial green walls for home and business owners with very little time on their hands to care for a natural living garden.

An ideal solution for anyone who loves nature as well as simplicity, artificial green walls do not require the time and care demanded by live plants. Artificial green walls stay beautiful indoors or outdoors all year around with their realistic appearance ensuring your garden, and all its perfect plants and flowers, will continue to be the envy of all your guests. No more hassles about forgetting to water your plants or finding dead plants in your garden.

With Pantone’s greenery and Evergreen Walls’ green wall panels, ugly plants will always be a thing of the past.