A natural environment can be a rarity in cities where green spaces have given way to massive concrete structures. The fast pace of life can wear a person down quite easily in urban settings; in such a situation, having an indoor living wall can work like a charm to improve one’s mental state. Even an artificial vertical garden can have a similar effect on the mental makeup of a person.

Benefits of a green wall in an indoor environment

Clears your mind

Where a bare wall in the office can wear you down, a vertical garden can brighten up your day by allowing you to experience and imbibe the calming effects of nature. Studies show that people who get a glimpse of nature throughout the day generally like their jobs more and are able to focus more on productivity. Simply having a living wall or an artificial vertical garden in your office can make all the difference in your workday.

Relaxes your body

Not just offices, even homes can benefit from the relaxing effects of living wall gardens or artificial green walls. For instance, people recovering from an illness, injury or surgery have reported feeling more relaxed when they have an artificial vertical garden in their home. Consequently, many doctors’ offices and hospitals are incorporating green walls in their buildings to speed up the recovery process for patients.

Nature creates a psychologically comfortable environment

An indoor living wall delivers multiple advantages to the home or office by improving indoor air quality. However, the psychological effects of living or artificial green walls can have a tremendous impact on people’s mental health. An indoor living wall makes most people feel more comfortable in their environment, whether it’s their home or office. Begin your vertical garden journey with a single panel and work your way up to a complete green wall.

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