Rising population, increasing urban density, limited budgets, expensive building costs, minimalism, green living trends... there are many reasons homeowners are now more open to the idea of offbeat architecture. Architects are also keeping pace with the concept by getting very creative with home design to meet the unique needs of their clients.

Offbeat architecture doesn’t mean the homeowner has to compromise on the quality of life. With the right decor and greenery around the home, any architectural structure can be turned into a pleasant living environment. Sometimes all it takes is a vertical garden wall to make all the difference!

Here are some examples of modern architecture going offbeat.

Tiny homes

The ‘tiny home’ movement is very popular, especially among older people who are downsizing, and is also being considered as a public housing solution in many parts of the world. Tiny houses are cost-effective and environment-friendly, and actually offer more space on the inside than what first impressions project from the outside. The most attractive part of a tiny home is the design. Most of them have little front porches where you can put green wall plants or other decorations. Solar panels are used for temperature control during the summer and winter months.

Shipping containers

A design idea conceptualised by the Dutch to address the shortage of student accommodations, the conversion of shipping containers into attractive homes has become popular across the globe. Shipping container homes require very little construction and cost, and you can easily incorporate an indoor plant wall to spruce up the inside. Space may be minimal, but thanks to creative home design, it doesn’t mean living in a box.


Generally found in Central Asia, but increasing in popularity for various reasons, yurts are constructed using wooden circular frames and a high-strength cover to resist high winds and other weather elements. There are plenty of places to incorporate green wall plants on the interior. When a yurt is fully furnished, it’s truly a beautiful home.

Homes from recycled material

Recycling, for many people, is the first step towards going green. Architects today are challenged with designing and constructing homes made from recycled materials. While these types of homes were initially designed to house homeless people due to their low-cost construction, the idea has since taken off with greater acceptability among the general community. There are plenty of materials in landfills to find quality construction items. With a little paint and a vertical garden wall, you’ll never be able to tell where the materials for the home were sourced.

Offbeat architecture is definitely here to stay.

Evergreen Walls supports the concept of offbeat architecture for many reasons and not just for its environment-friendly qualities. Evergreen Walls can contribute to offbeat home design by offering stunning green wall plants and vertical gardens.