Event planning is a specialised skill, more so when it involves an outdoor event. Planning an event outdoors comes with its own set of unique challenges, many of them unpredictable. However, to a large extent, you can control the environment by planning ahead. For instance, when designing the ambience for the event, consider adding a hanging wall garden for the green element. A vertical garden will not only be appreciated by guests but will also help create a green oasis in your outdoor party set-up.

Choose the perfect venue

The easiest way to create a green oasis is to select a venue with well-maintained natural greenery. However, finding a venue with perfect greenery and the flexibility to personalise it to the needs of your event can be difficult. You could always add some outdoor artificial hedges to cover up bare spots or to any areas needing a little boost.

Bring greenery with you

So you couldn’t find a venue complete with natural greenery for your event? Why worry, when you can carry the required greenery with you to decorate the venue. Artificial hedge walls won’t take long to install, and can really impress your guests. Incorporating a hanging wall garden in a few places will go a long way in creating a relaxing environment.

Take advantage of the benefits of greenery

Enhance the aesthetic and relaxing benefits of greenery at your venue by playing some soft music in the background. Artificial hedges in an indoor event not only add visual appeal to the atmosphere but can also absorb excessive noise to ensure your guests are comfortable.

Evergreen Walls works with event planners to create perfect events by incorporating different types of artificial greenery into the venue.