Garden walls created using artificial plants from Evergreen Walls add a lush green aesthetic to indoor or outdoor environments without the expensive price tag of real plants.

Greenery is always welcome in any setting, be it a bustling office or a tranquil courtyard, with plants adding zest to any area. However, there are limitations to the use of live plants in any public decor plan including upkeep, issues with allergies and pests, and the expense.

Garden walls from Evergreen Walls recreate the lushness of real plants to produce a healthy and beautiful ambiance. Evergreen Walls uses high quality artificial plants to offer endless design possibilities, and help create landscapes reminiscent of scenes only seen in fantasy.

Evergreen Walls’ garden walls add a touch of luxury and class without the expensive price tag. A custom garden wall installed at Flinders St. Apartments in the courtyard reaches every storey of the complex. With no need to water or prune the plants, residents can enjoy the gorgeous greenery year-round effortlessly.

Unlike most artificial plants in the market, Evergreen Walls’ plants withstand the test of scrutiny beyond peripheral glances. Careful attention is given to colours and textures when choosing from the 30+ plants available in stock for any installation.