Homeowners looking to spruce up their homes can consider options other than cleaning, organising, painting or adding new wall art. A green wall, for instance. On-trend interior design choices such as indoor vertical gardens not only require less effort and time to set up but can also introduce a new refreshing vibe to your home.

Choose artificial over living

Now that you have decided on a green wall, you will have to choose between a living wall with real plants and an artificial green wall with fake plants. Living walls are popular around the world, but they have plenty of shortcomings. An artificial vertical garden eliminates all worries and hassles of maintaining real plants, including watering and fertilising them along with general upkeep. Artificial green walls are especially ideal for rented homes as the tenant wouldn’t want to deal with potential water damage or moisture in the walls.

Where to put an artificial vertical garden

Artificial vertical gardens can be installed just about anywhere. Since the fake plants don’t need sunlight or water, the location is immaterial. The green wall panels can be installed on blank walls, awkward corners and sundry empty spaces on walls where nothing else looks good. Some people even go to the extreme and hang enough panels to cover an entire wall.

Artificial indoor vertical gardens have become the go-to choice for many homeowners looking for new ways to decorate their home.

Just like nature, but without the pitfalls!

Artificial vertical garden panels available in the market today almost look like the real thing. These green walls can often be mistaken for natural living walls, providing the residents a psychologically uplifting experience minus all the cleaning and maintenance hassles. The ease of installation and minimal maintenance requirement combined with an attractive look make artificial vertical gardens perfect interior design choices for homeowners.

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