Becoming eco-friendly is more than just a design trend today with greater awareness among people about the importance of being a responsible citizen on Earth.

Restaurants are increasingly going green in different ways, drawing more customers in the process. For instance, this could range from green decor elements such as vertical plant walls or planters to green practices such as recycling and using environment-friendly products.

Here are some of the popular eco-friendly transformations restaurants are incorporating today.

Consumers and eco-friendly restaurants

With eco-friendly restaurants being a major draw for customers, restaurant owners must take note and incorporate green practices into their business. Many restaurants now use organic cleaning products that biodegrade and won’t pollute the water or air. Others use energy efficient appliances that not only reduce their energy bills but also impact the environment positively.

Restaurants can also show their support for the green movement by incorporating a fake garden wall or two in their restaurant. Live plants can be difficult to maintain in the indoor environment of a restaurant, so an artificial vertical plant wall can provide a natural decor without creating a maintenance hassle.

Local food is more popular

Going local is a major green trend across the world with the objective being to source materials – food or otherwise – from a local producer. Restaurants can impress their patrons by purchasing food from the local farmers’ market. Customers today are willing to pay a little more for local food, since it means the restaurant is considerate of the environment. Buying local is good for the environment because it reduces transportation costs and pollution from not having to ship it from another location.

Artificial plants have a place too

Artificial green walls present an excellent decor option for restaurants. Patrons love to see green elements in the restaurant’s decor as it projects an environment-friendly image. An artificial vertical plant wall is a great choice for a restaurant because it is low maintenance, won’t cause any damage to the restaurant, and will not create allergies for customers.

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