Green wall specialist Evergreen Walls vouches for the beauty and practicality of ‘fake’ green walls.

Fake green walls are not only visually attractive but also offer a host of advantages over the real thing. Comparable to the beauty of live green walls, the artificial version additionally eliminates all the worry of constant upkeep. Requiring no irrigation or sunlight and virtually no maintenance effort, fake green walls are extremely budget-friendly and can accommodate several kinds of high quality artificial plants including exotic varieties that wouldn’t grow naturally in most environments.

A beautiful wall garden can be installed without making any changes to the current lighting setup. The only maintenance required for fake green walls is an occasional wipe with a clean soft cloth to keep them looking like new.

One of the most visible benefits of creating a permanent artificial green wall is the additional curb appeal gained by the property. Fake green walls also offer an ideal solution for homeowners to conceal unattractive features such as hydro meters, air conditioners, propane tanks or anything that may not appeal to the eye.

Synthetic green walls are preferred by hospitals to help beautify the atmosphere in a hygienic and non-allergenic way and lift the moods of their patients. In addition to nursing homes and seniors centres, many homes and offices have these elegant walls installed as an aesthetic interior feature.

Being a cost-efficient solution, fake green walls are ideal for architects, landscape contractors, property developers and builders working within limited project budgets and expecting a good return.

Artificial green walls can be customised to suit specific areas and environments. Designed to provide instant greenery, synthetic green walls do not have any growing period and can be used to fill in any dead space in any environment. The simplicity of care, cost and landscape appeal alone make it worthwhile to have fake green walls.