Artificial green walls offer the greatest design versatility in indoor or outdoor settings.

Artificial green walls can be customised to fit any environment or design preference and range from wild tropical plants with a jungle-like feel for those on the wild side to a more subtle garden area featuring a lovely, flowery wall.

Set the tone for the zone

Artificial gardens or green walls are preferred by architects and designers to make an impactful statement. From chilly office areas and impersonal hospital waiting rooms to busy hotels and restaurants, an artificial green wall can transform the environment into a welcoming space full of life and colour. Artificial green walls can be customised for any type of setting.

Versatile in design

Artificial green walls offer the flexibility to bring outdoor plants indoors, and indoor plants outdoors. Unlike the restrictions of natural gardens and green walls that rely on sunlight, water, growing season and environmental conditions, an artificial green wall can incorporate just about any plant or flower, however exotic it may be, and look visually appealing throughout the year.

Great benefits

Artificial green walls offer several practical benefits, regardless of their location indoors or outdoors. The homeowner, for instance, can enjoy the beauty of colourful flowers without worrying about allergies from pollen. These walls are maintenance-free except for an occasional dusting, with no need to water or prune the plants. There is no risk of any plant dying from lack of care. Artificial green walls are very realistic looking and don’t need any special lighting.


The most attractive aspect of an artificial green wall or garden wall is its cost-effectiveness. Costing much less than their natural counterparts, artificial plants can be selected to suit the wall design plan. Once installed, there is no need to worry about irrigation, lighting, or replacing a plant.

Artificial or not artificial?

This article has highlighted numerous benefits of artificial green walls. Green walls made with real plants and flowers also have their own benefits. Regardless of what you choose, a green wall is a source of unending joy and makes for a pleasant sight.

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