Space is a luxury, especially in urban living environments. But lack of space shouldn’t discourage you from incorporating some greenery into your lifestyle. Be it a home, an apartment or an office, a green element can do wonders to the decor as well as your state of mind.

An indoor vertical garden is an excellent way to introduce greenery into your interior design. If you have a yard of any size at your home, you can incorporate one or multiple vertical garden planters to spruce it up even more.

Here are some of the different ways vertical gardens can create some surprisingly stunning design outcomes in your home, apartment or even your office.

Standalone vertical wall

You won’t find one in every home or office, but an artificial vertical green wall in a living or work space will definitely add a fresh vibe to the interior environment. It’s also easy to create a stunning standalone vertical wall: Craft a wood frame, attach some hex wire to it and get on with your creative ideas.

You may choose to incorporate vertical garden planters, small hedges, green wall panels or any other plants on your wall. Vertical garden walls take up very little space but add to the overall beauty of the space – in your home or your yard.

Small or large vertical planters

One of the emerging trends in gardening and design today is the use of vertical garden planters. Available in various sizes, these can be used virtually anywhere from a corner that needs a little greenery to adding a little extra green to every fence post.

Entire green walls

Have you considered covering your entire wall with greenery? Artificial vertical green walls can be successfully integrated into interior or exterior design for both practical and aesthetic reasons. With an artificial green wall, you don’t have to worry about any maintenance, but will reap the full benefits of incorporating greenery. They are easy to install, require minimal care, and create an unmatched environment in any space.

Evergreen Walls offers a broad variety of vertical garden planters and different options to create the perfect indoor vertical garden for your home or office.