Evergreen Walls offers a ready-to-install solution for creating green feature walls in homes, offices and retail stores. The Evergreen Panel consists of a broad range of artificial green plants mounted on a strong painted galvanised metal grid with each plant carefully fixed to the panel. All the fixings and installation guidelines are provided for a seamless and hassle-free installation.

Providing the quickest way to create a dense green feature wall, the Evergreen Panel introduces the best of nature into the interior space without any need for special lighting, irrigation systems or even maintenance.

The Evergreen Panel has been meticulously tested to the highest Australian standards for fire safety and is the only certified product of its type in Australia.

The panels are designed to be fixed to any wall with custom made fixings; they can also be installed on curved walls for a continuous, seamless finish. To create a giant feature green wall, multiple panels can be joined together. Since each panel is unique, the green wall will have a realistic finish.

Customers can choose their artificial plants from options such as various ferns, money plant, licorice, spider plant, air plant, baby’s breath, think flower and various grasses.

The metal grid on which the plants are fixed, is made from thick galvanised steel mesh, powder coated black for minimum visibility.

The Evergreen Panel comes with four custom designed fixings for simple installation. Each panel measures 900mm x 900mm, (3ft x 3ft) and has a depth of 250mm, allowing green walls to be created to fit most standard ceiling heights of 2700mm.

At 7 kilos per panel, the Evergreen Panel is easy to handle and will not require specialist anchors during installation. The panels can be fixed to virtually any surface including ceilings, gyprock, concrete or lightweight timber framework.