One important aspect where artificial green walls score over living green walls is the maintenance requirement. Artificial green walls require very little care, but will still look great. However, dust and debris can collect on these green walls over time; therefore, a little bit of cleaning won’t hurt and will help keep the vertical garden looking good for a long time.

Here are some simple tips for cleaning your artificial green wall.

Practice regular dusting

Dusting is a tedious but essential part of good housekeeping in any home or office environment. Depending on the location, dust can quickly accumulate in the absence of regular upkeep. Given the beauty of artificial greenery panels, they deserve to be dusted regularly. Just wipe the leaves and keep the shine going. Use a dusting solution that’s safe for artificial plants or a damp cloth to wipe the leaves and keep them looking fresh.

Spray gently with a water bottle and wipe dry

Alternatively, lightly mist the entire green panel and wipe it dry with a clean cloth. Microfiber towels work better than regular washcloths in this application. Just ensure the plants are completely dry; else water spots could accumulate on the leaves, leaving ugly stains and impacting the overall look of the green wall.

Frequency of cleaning

While regular cleaning is recommended, artificial plants can usually be cleaned on an as-needed basis. If the leaves start to look a little dull, wipe them off with a damp cloth to restore the shine. You can determine the frequency of cleaning based on dust accumulation patterns. A monthly clean would be ideal, but it’s definitely not a requirement.

Having an artificial green wall in Australia has many benefits, and the ease of cleaning is one of them.

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