Moss walls are trending in the living wall garden segment, and provide a neat decorative feature in home or office environments. Moss walls are low maintenance garden features with just minimal care required to keep them looking good for a long time.

Evergreen Walls lists out a few tips to care for moss walls.

Give them light, but not too much

Moss walls are considered living green walls but surprisingly require very little care. Similar to an artificial indoor wall garden, a moss wall doesn’t need sunlight to thrive. This is because moss walls are made from preserved moss, which is not technically alive, but is able to maintain its healthy looks thanks to careful treatments meant to conserve its original state. Moss walls can be placed in the path of sunlight but avoid excessive sun exposure as the moss risks losing its vibrancy.

No need to water

Indoor living walls require frequent watering but a preserved moss wall doesn’t need water as its condition renders it maintenance-free. It will forever flourish all on its own, with little to no effort needed in terms of care.

Maintenance-free moss walls

An indoor moss wall garden is almost like an artificial vertical garden when it comes to maintenance. There’s no need to water or fertilise it, or move it in and out of sunlight. Since preserved moss doesn’t grow, there’s no need to trim it at any time.

Moss walls are the best way to incorporate an indoor living wall into your home or office.