A light-filled work environment encourages higher productivity and efficiency, and makes for happy employees. However, modern high-rise office towers are designed to maximise space utilisation, leading to the problem of windowless offices.

But you can transform a windowless office by creating the illusion of light. Evergreen Walls lists out a few creative ideas that can be incorporated into a windowless office to brighten up the space.

Add mirrors

Make the most of the artificial light in your office by installing a mirror or two on the walls to bounce the light around, simulating natural light. If you have space, combine the mirrors with artificial greenery panels to create an even more natural appearance.

Use concealed lighting

Place a lamp behind a bookshelf or furniture to create an indirect glow on the wall, and make it seem like there’s an outside light source shining into the room. Indirect light and greenery complement each other perfectly, making the latter glow even more vibrantly and appear as the real deal.

Incorporate wall plants

Greenery in the form of vertical garden planters can actually indirectly create the illusion of light in a windowless office, with the artificial lights bouncing off the plants to create an outdoorsy vibe. Just be careful not to overdo the greenery – it can make your office look like a jungle.

Paint walls in bright colours

Choose bright colours for the walls of a windowless office to create the illusion of an external light source. Artificial greenery panels look great with any brightly coloured wall, since greenery provides a subtle contrast. Pairing bright walls with subtle greenery is one way to accomplish a soft glow in the office without going overboard.

Consult with Evergreen Walls for creative ways to make your windowless office look like a bright and sunlit workspace.