Curves are taking over straight lines in building design, with round buildings replacing conventional box-like square and rectangular structures in modern architecture.

Architecture has evolved greatly over the years but tall buildings shaped like a square or rectangle continue to frame the skyline. However, the future of architecture may include round buildings instead of the typical square shapes.

Round architecture does have its benefits, both from practical and aesthetic perspectives.

Round office buildings look sleek and innovative

Businesses looking to impress could consider round buildings to make the right impact. A round office building design has a sleek appearance and introduces innovation to the environment. The round shape can be scaled up for larger companies to accommodate their offices.

Employees are encouraged to walk in a round building

A round office design allows companies to better organise their people into different departments. A round building also allows easier pathways to be created, encouraging employees to get up and walk more. Make it more interesting by incorporating a hanging wall garden or two, spaced about a couple of hundred feet apart, to give them something pleasant and relaxing to look at while they walk.

Encouraging the staff to walk throughout the day helps increase their psychological health as well as work productivity.

Limitless interior and exterior design options

Round buildings give you the opportunity to be creative with interior and exterior design. Artificial plant wall panels are great because they can be installed along the curvature of the round building.

A company that stays on top of the latest design trends, Evergreen Walls offers artificial plant wall panels that are perfect for both square architecture and round architecture.