Are you looking to revamp or redesign a room in your home? Is the thought of expenses involved in hiring the services of a design professional putting you off? Have you considered doing the design revamp yourself?

Evergreen Walls lists out eight decor tips that will assist you with changing the look of the room to your personal liking. Sometimes the smallest change to the design of a room can make the biggest difference.

Here are some of the top decor hacks professionals won’t tell you about:

1. Choose the right colour paint

A completely white decor can appear quite flat and boring after a while. White walls with white furniture and other white objects merge into each other, not doing justice to any design element. Instead, assess the room, take stock of your furniture and consider introducing some colour into the mix. Depending on the size of the room, it may only take one afternoon to completely transform it into a space full of life and vibrancy.

2. Use proper contrasts

When you introduce colours into a room, try experimenting with contrasting tones. For instance, outline the trim in a different colour or use contrasting colours with lamps, shades or other pieces of furniture.

3. Indoor green wall

One great way to introduce contrasting colour into a room without using paint is a vertical green wall. Using an artificial plant wall is also the best option in green walls as it involves minimal upkeep and there’s no hassle of caring for live plants.

4. Larger rugs

Oversized rugs can make a room look larger than it actually is; a rug is also an opportunity to add an element of interest to the room as well as introduce colour while you are at it.

5. Hide white space on walls

Empty white spaces on walls are boring – view them as a blank canvas to add your personal creative touch to the decor. Use pictures, artwork or even a vertical plant wall to hide extra white space on walls. You can choose from different sizes of indoor green wall panels to fit small spaces, an entire wall or even an awkward corner. Green walls are versatile that way!

6. Study the layout of a room

Go over the layout of the room with a critical eye and see whether simply moving your furniture around can change the look for the better. That’s one sure-fire way to transform the room without spending any money.

7. Don’t forget the ceilings

Ugly, outdated popcorn ceilings or pasty white ceilings could also be contributing to the dullness of your room. Try scraping off the popcorn ceiling and repaint the now bare surface in a suitable colour.

8. Add some nature indoors

Introducing nature indoors has a visually calming effect and can improve the room aesthetic many times over. Even a small vertical green wall can make all the difference to the appearance of a room. Adding nature to interiors is an underrated aspect of home design, so consider bringing some into your home.

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