The best way to bring any drab space to life with added glamour is to install an artificial green wall from Evergreen Walls .

Ideal for both indoors and outdoors, artificial garden walls offer an inexpensive, low maintenance solution to introduce the best of nature into various environments without the hassles of caring for real plants.

Retail Showrooms

Lush green plants in showrooms create a welcoming aura for customers. Using live plants in such an environment may not be practical since the closed spaces with very little ventilation will not support their growth. The solution is to go in for an entire wall of artificial plants.

Office or Hotel Reception Areas

Reception areas in these environments get a lot of traffic and should ideally look elegant and welcoming. Imaginative use of artificial green walls can help achieve the right impact without a lot of effort or expense.

School or Hospital Corridors

Green is a soothing colour for education as well as healthcare environments. Installing artificial garden walls along corridors in schools, clinics and hospitals can help reduce the stress experienced by students, teachers, doctors and patients.


The modern bathroom is a retreat for most, especially after a hard day at work. Having a nice soak in the bath with a view of a lush green wall can be relaxing. Using artificial plants instead of the real thing will also reduce the maintenance effort.

Living Rooms

Greenery in living rooms gives the space a lived-in and cared-for appearance. Not having a green thumb need no longer hinder plans to have some greenery indoors. Green walls made using artificial plants such as creepers, ivy and exotic flowers can cover entire walls or pillars, creating a beautiful home vibe without worrying about whether the plants are getting enough sunlight or care when you have to go out of town.


Artificial green walls can also serve as low maintenance hedges, especially as dividers in large outdoor spaces or outdoor restaurants to provide patrons with a bit of privacy.

Unsightly Walls

Walls that are an eyesore can be covered up and transformed with beautiful artificial plants. You could choose exotic varieties such as begonias, chlorophytums, maiden hair ferns or African violets without worrying about whether they’ll survive in your environment.

Artificial green walls offer the visual appeal of a lush vertical garden without the concerns of everyday care or regular maintenance. Evergreen Walls can help customise an artificial green wall to suit the client’s specific environment.