Vertical gardens are trending in indoor and outdoor environments with many homes and offices integrating them into their design. Artificial green walls are particularly popular because of the convenience factor, lower maintenance requirement and cheaper cost.

Evergreen Walls lists out five important advantages of artificial green walls:

1. You won’t have to worry about pests

An artificial green wall delivers almost all of the benefits of a living green wall, with none of the annoyances, especially from bugs and other pests. A living green wall inside the house is a direct invitation to pesky bugs; outside the building, it becomes a prime piece of real estate for birds and other small creatures. However, since artificial green walls aren’t alive, they will remain pest-free. This also helps to keep your property allergen-free.

2. They are easy to install

Installing a vertical green wall is as simple as inserting a few screws through the panel and securing it to the wall. The installation can be completed as a DIY job without hiring a professional.

3. They require very little maintenance

Artificial green walls require very little care or maintenance. Unlike living green walls, they don’t need UV light or water. They will retain their vibrant colours for years, and you don’t have to worry about plants dying just because you forgot to water them. An occasional dusting is all that’s required to keep your artificial green wall looking good for a long time.

4. They look great anywhere

A vertical green wall can be installed anywhere, inside or outside the home. It’s the ideal design element for empty spaces or blank walls; with so many different sizes available, you can surely find one to fit your needs and transform your plain wall into a thing of beauty.

5. They provide aesthetic and health benefits

An artificial green wall will add a unique and personalised aesthetic to the home or work environment. In addition to the visual appeal, there are some health benefits too. Being constantly exposed to verdant greenery is psychologically uplifting, helping reduce stress, especially at the workplace.