The new E Series barbecues from Everdure combine patented innovations with creative minimalist design, making it an ideal outdoor barbecue solution.

Everdure have used input from customers on what people look for in barbecues and have used this information in the design of the E Series.

The 5-in-1 multi-e-function cooking centre, patent pending, is suitable for creating almost any dish and the regulated mult-e-cook heat control system enable smoking meat and fish at a low temperature, transitioning to a higher temperature if roasted meat is requires. 

The E Series barbecues are also suitable for cooking pizza by utilising the ceramic pizza stone, and for wok cooking Everdure have ensured instant high temperatures are attainable.

The patent pending oven-grade halogen integrated lighting system allows viewing of the cooking food without opening the hood and letting valuable heat escape.

Cleaning of the E Series barbecues is made easy with a back plate to prevent splashing, which reduces the need for cleaning in any awkward corners. Everdure believe that barbecues are for cooking, not cleaning.

The E Series barbecues provide committed storage areas to keep cooking and cleaning tools. Paper towel holders and removable storage bins allows the user to customise the storage area to their needs.