Everbright Roofing Systems  recently supplied their E610 polycarbonate roofing panel system for the arrivals carpark at Sydney International Airport Terminal 1.

Everbright E610 polycarbonate roofing is clear and was used for the skylight on the 9th level of the car park as part of an upgrade and expansion of Sydney International Airport Terminal 1. The skylight is visible from the car park lobby where visitors leave the arrival hall at Sydney International Airport.

The client wanted a skylight that would minimise the structural requirements and make use of all the natural light available. As the car park is nine stories high, it was crucial that as much light as possible was allowed to filter down to the lower levels.

Everbright E610 polycarbonate roofing was utilised free spanning 4.65 metres incorporating Locking System 2.5. These polycarbonate panels were extruded and supplied in 9.525 metre lengths and in 600mm wide configurations. Just one intermediate support was required for this development.

As the panels are only required to be joined every 600mm, the installation was a rapid process as the panels simply clipped together. In total, 50 panels (9.525m x 600mm) were used in an area of 285.75 square metres with the width of the roof measuring 30 metres. The roof was set at a three-degree pitch and some extra precautions where taken as normal recommendations are for a minimum five-degree pitch.

The polycarbonate roofing was installed in only 8 hours by just four tradesmen.

Steve Trower, Managing Director of Everbright Roofing Systems Pty Ltd explained, “E610 is trafficable and is a material which has a very high impact strength. Should any person fall onto our polycarbonate panels they will not break or separate due to the unique design of our three-layer 74mm polycarbonate system. The E610 panel itself acts as the safety net. Safety netting however would be recommended for the process of construction, however this would only be a temporary item that should be removed when all the roof works are completed. This made our system an ideal selection for this development, as a permanent safety net is not necessary for any maintenance work.”

“Creating an architectural flare is not possible with any other polycarbonate system available on the market. Since less structure is required with our system, less shadows are created and as such the natural light translucency is at its full potential, which was of paramount importance for this development,” said Mr Trower.

Mr Trower continued to add that E610 polycarbonate panels have an expected long life span of around 30 years and are supplied with a manufacturers 10 year warranty.