Polycarbonate panels from Everbright Roofing Systems were recently used to build a vertical wall at the Art & Design Centre of Great Southern Grammar School in Albany, WA.

The recently completed project employed Everbright’s 74mm polycarbonate system.

Everbright E610 Opal polycarbonate panel system features a free span of 4m, incorporates the LS2.3 locking system and does not require mid rail support. Three aluminium locking bars required out of every six chambers make up the locking system.

The extruded polycarbonate panels are supplied in 4m length and 600mm width configuration. Installation is quick since the polycarbonate panels simply clip together.

58 panels were delivered to the site to cover a total area of approximately 135m². Installation time for the project was two days with two tradesmen.

The design brief was for a product that could minimise secondary structural requirements, give a modern look and have a long life span.

Everbright’s E610 Opal 74mm polycarbonate panels met these requirements with their unique visual appearance and uniformed look making use of all the natural light available.

Additionally, the polycarbonate panels offers a seamless and continuous line with no steel framework to spoil the visual effect. E610’s integral locking bars hide the joints between panels ensuring the continuity.

Makrolon 1243 is the material used in the polycarbonate system which is supplied by the Bayer Group.

Everbright E610 polycarbonate panels come with a manufacturer’s worldwide 10-year warranty and they have a life expectancy in excess of 35 years.

Significant cost-savings can be made with the polycarbonate system from Everbright. Lesser shadows are created by the system allowing in natural light translucency at its full potential.

E610 polycarbonate panels are lightweight and extremely safe. The system can be easily handled on site during the installation process.

Key advantages:

  • Superior free span capabilities
  • Lightweight product
  • Also supplied in one complete flat or curved 12m length
  • High natural light translucency
  • Excellent visual architectural effect  
  • Silicone-free system
  • Translucent sheet maximises natural light without excessive glaze
  • Superior thermal performance and sound reduction
  • Self-cleaning dome shape profile