The Ladder M8rix pro plus is an anti slip device from European Building Innovations specially designed for external and internal use and comes with a light weight carry case.

This is a combination of the Ladder M8rix that can be used on all hazardous surfaces outside, but with the added accessory, the heavy duty rubber on the underside of the Pro-Plus carry case it can be left in the opened case and used on what we call hazardous interior surfaces such as ceramic or marble tiles, laminate flooring, vinyl or even glass floors.

Remembering that the Ladder M8rix should be used in conjunction with the properly opened Pro-Plus carrier case on interior floors only.

To use the Ladder M8rix outside, just remove it from the Pro-Plus case. Ladder M8rix is being widely used in the UK, helping to prevent the growing ladder related accidents.

The ladder M8rix is simple to use but at the same time safe and easily stored away.

The Ladder M8rix can secure a ladder on surfaces as challenging as wet wood, wet gravel, oily/wet concrete, grass, oil on top of wet wood and even on solid ice. Feel confident about your safety on ladders, below are the benefits.

  • Ladder M8rix has passed stringent health and safety tests
  • Light, easy to carry and easy to use
  • No need to have another person to hold your ladder safe
  • Equip your workforce with the Ladder M8rix and prevent employee injuries (and injury claims)
  • Comes complete with robust molded protective carrier