Leading Australian provider of interior design and architectural lighting solutions, Euroluce has launched the new Melbourne Light Studio to reflect the brand’s core values of quality, design integrity, originality, innovation and service excellence.

Phil Payne, Sales and Marketing General Manager for Euroluce explains that the Melbourne Light Studio is designed to be a flexible space to serve various purposes from setting up lighting solutions for clients to review to creating a venue for educational events or a space to test new technology.

The Melbourne Light Studio also represents Euroluce’s exciting move towards a total solutions business model, where consultation and lighting design will eventually be aligned with installation, maintenance and product recycling services.

Euroluce worked with Pascale Gomes-McNabb, a Melbourne-based architect, on the interior design of the Melbourne Light Studio. Known for her detail-driven and thoughtfully referenced spaces such as Cumulus Inc., Stokehouse and Bentley Restaurant and Bar, Gomes-McNabb celebrates Melbourne and its unique architectural language in the design conceptualised for the Euroluce Light Studio.

When Gomes-McNabb was first invited to design the new Euroluce Light Studio, her immediate impulse was to curate an exhibition. She explains that Euroluce represents some of the most iconic lighting products and the world’s greatest designers including Gino Sarfatti for FLOS; she was inspired to create a gallery to display these objects. Parallel to this was the objective to develop a flexible space that could accommodate business operations.

Using Sol Lewitt and Donald Judd as points of inspiration, Gomes-McNabb designed a series of manoeuvrable cubes made from powder coated steel, and mirror and cement sheet that aid in the curation of light. The versatile design of the cubes allows lighting products to be displayed innovatively, the objective being to liberate the light and create an experience where the focus was on viewing and experiencing the object without distraction.

Gomes-McNabb believes that Euroluce’s lighting products, which include the Re-lighting Gino Sarfatti range by FLOS, demand this kind of design approach.

One of the most important lighting designers in the history of Italian design, Gino Sarfatti designed over 600 lamps and light fittings that were all produced by Arteluce, the company he founded in 1939 and sold to FLOS in 1973.

FLOS has re-lighted or reengineered the original Sarfatti forms by adopting cutting-edge LED technology while retaining the integrity of the lamps’ original designs. The full range is now available at all Euroluce Light Studios.