The full range of stainless steel tiles by Millennium Tiles (USA) is now available from Euroclad . The stainless steel tiles can be used for wall cladding and roofing and come in a standard size of 0.5mm x 381mm x 231mm.

The roofing and wall tiles have been wind tested up to 250Km/hour and are Typhoon ready, and feature permanent colour resistance against UV-light.

The high quality stainless steel tiles are prismatic coloured and can bring any project to life with their ever-changing colour. The colour of the stainless steel tiles is modified by different viewing angles and light conditions, and is produced by interference of light, like raindrops creating a rainbow.

The stainless steel tiles are available in an extensive range of colours including Bronze, Slate Grey, Purple, Blue, Red, Green and Plum, to name a few. The stainless steel tiles are also available in pre-painted Aluminium.