Euroa Clay Products  is a manufacturer of heavy clay products and has been operating in this business for the past forty years. Euroa Clay Products offers wide range of clay building products and custom glazed bricks designed by architects.

The various product categories manufactured by Euroa Clay Products includes glazed window sill tile, fence capping and earthen clay. Euroa Clay Products supplies window sill in short, standard and square sizes with thickness ranging up to 32mm.

Euroa Clay Products offers wide range of capping including flat caps, pillar caps stretches, low and high pyramids, pillar cap single and double mitre, stop ends, plinth returns and plinth stretches. The capping is supplied in standard colours of brown and black.

Euroa Clay Products offers glazed bricks in an array of colours including tangerine, woodfern, clear on terracotta, clear on brown, clear on cream, cobolt blue, stein grey, golden crown, ocean green, golden yellow, white, aqua, dusty tan and violet to name a few.

Glazed bricks supplied by Euroa Clay Products are used in variety of applications including hospitals, walkways, elevated offices, homes and streets.