Accurate scheduling software is crucial for building professionals such as architects and engineers to efficiently utilize staff and make a profit.

The director of Dominion Architects, Tim Blackall says, "The primary reason we purchased eTrack was for the scheduling software and resource management. With a press of a button I can graphically see who is available and what deadlines are looming, all integrated with the timesheets. You can't do that from a list of numbers as in other architectural scheduling software."

eTrack scheduling software is part of the all-in-one practice management software that over sixty architects and engineers use around Australia and New Zealand on PCs or Macintosh computers. These users range from sole practitioners to large multi office companies.

Job costing and quotes are prepared using the eTrack scheduling software to graphically show conflicting work and staff availability. If work is delayed or overruns occur, the eTrack scheduling software automatically gives graphical feedback of how this affects milestones, resource allocations and revenue projections.

The scheduling software automatically updates forecasts and resource utilization as timesheets are entered by staff. They can then be adjusted with a simple drag of the mouse. The resulting work in progress and profit/loss is updated, with roll ups to all levels and seamless flow through to invoicing with no double keying.