eSplash  supplies wide range of filters including sand filters and cartridge filters. The variety of sand filters offered by eSplash includes Davey, Enduro, Hayward, Hurlcon, Monarch, Poolrite, Questa and Pantera.

eSplash supplies Davey filter which is a computer designed crystal clear sand filter whereas Enduro is made up of polymer plastic and has multi-port backwash valve. eSplash offers cartridge filter of various brands including Sunflow, Pool-quip, Monarch and Hayward to name a few.

eSplash offers an array of heating equipments including heat pumps, solar heating, gas heating and spa heaters. The variety of solar heating equipment includes solar controllers, AES solar heating systems and Monarch solar matic solar equipment. AES solar system offered by eSplash is of high quality and is an efficient solar heating equipment.

eSplash supplies ladders and grab rails including in ground pool grab rails, in ground pool ladders and above ground pool ladders made up of stainless steel. eSplash proves lighting products including standard underwater lights and fibre optic lights.

The variety of standard underwater lights includes Waterco underwater lights, Aqua-quip pool underwater lights and Poolrite under water pool lights. The underwater lights are provided with optical lens of different colours including blue, clear and green.