Esco Industries  is engaged in the production of electrical products from its manufacturing facility at Silverwater in Sydney. Esco Industries' electrical product manufacturing operation employs more than 70 people. Esco Industries has a strong focus on product development and has invested in advanced 3D solid modelling software and conducts an ongoing R&D programme.

The major products supplied by Esco Industries include ducting products and related accessories, modular service columns, switch panels, multiservice outlet panels, fused terminal boxes, floor outlets and power outlets. Ducting products available from Esco Industries include cable ducts, skirting ducts, bench ducts and medical ducts.

The modular service column range of Esco Industries includes the Spacepole series of service columns made of extruded aluminium body. Switch panels from Esco Industries include Switchway switch panels and Alpha switch panels. Multiservice outlet panels comprise Alpha multiservice panels and Alpha multiservice outlet panels for use in medical centres and hospitals.

Esco Industries' fused terminal boxes are used for the installation of central emergency evacuation systems in buildings. The terminal boxes comprise terminal blocks, heat resistant fuses and wiring. Power outlets available from Esco Industries include diecast suspended outlets and Caraway outdoor power heads. Floor outlet products available from Esco Industries include Gnome floor service outlets and Spacefloor in-floor services outlet boxes.