Interior designer Nina Maya chose an Escea double sided fireplace for her beautiful Palm Beach holiday house. A double sided Escea DX1000 fireplace sits as a stunning feature in the centre of the main living area, while dividing two spaces.

Having always specified Escea DX Series for her clients’ homes thanks to the fireplace’s sleek frameless look, Maya was excited about featuring one in her new home. She chose a gas fireplace instead of wood based on past experience. The family had a wood fireplace for many years and ended up using it sparingly because they kept running out of firewood. The gas fireplace offered ease of operation since it simply involved pushing a button.

Maya opted for a fuel-bed of stones as she sought a minimalist look that suited the beautiful beach backdrop.

When they visit the holiday home in winter, the gas fireplace is the first thing they switch on as it warms the whole house in an instant.

Recalling the installation process, Maya said she designed the whole wall around the fireplace. A large format black porcelain tile has been used to create a black band across the width of the wall, framing the fireplace in an eye-catching manner. The choice of the black tile also aligned with the minimalist design of the house. The rest of the wall was sheeted and painted white to create a very smooth finish.

Maya observes that the height of the fire might look unusual initially, but will make total sense when one sits down on the sofa from where the ocean can be seen through the flames.