The DX Series from Escea is a range of gas fireplaces featuring an ultra-wide flame for high room heating performance.

Built on Escea’s advanced Multiroom heat ducting technology, the DX Series fireplaces can evenly distribute heat in a room as well as provide heat into several rooms. Escea’s Multiroom technology captures up to 90 per cent of available heat and carries it throughout the house via ceiling and floor vents.

Escea’s powered direct vent flue heats up the room and not the flue, thanks to efficient fan technology. The flue can also be installed to run up, down or horizontally for maximum design flexibility.

Key features of Escea’s DX Series gas fireplaces also include impressive 1m or 1.5m flame width options; reflective side panels adding to the infinite flame effect; choice of single-sided and double-sided options; see-through double-sided design connecting two adjoining spaces and making for an excellent room divider; customisation options with choices for a variety of different fuel beds and frames; minimalist frameless aesthetic to suit any interior style; and Smart Heat Technology feature allowing integration with a home automation system for remote control from a smartphone.

Escea’s DX Series comes in two very efficient models including the 4.3 star rated DX1500 with a 1.5-metre wide flame and a smaller 4.8 star rated DX1000 with a 1-metre wide flame.

Escea’s DX Series gas fireplaces have zero clearance, which means the interior wall remains cool and there’s no need for expensive fire-rated walls.