The Filter Matt, from Erosion Protection Systems is a double-layered Revetment mattress with each layer joined to the other at fixed intervals to form filter areas. These areas remain free of grout and allow the transfer of water through the matt.

This eliminates the build up of hydrostatic pressures that would otherwise cause instability to the mattress and the structure it is protecting. The spacing of these filter areas can be varied to increase the thickness and weight of the inflated Revetment mattress. The external forces expected for each particular project will determine what thickness of Revetment mattress is required.

This style of Revetment mattress is suitable for:

  • Wharf and harbour protection
  • Dish drains and major channels
  • Road shoulder protection
  • Bridge abutments
  • Culverts
  • Spillways
  • Lake lining
Erosion Protection Systems is a recognised supplier and installer of grout filled revetment mattress products, offering a cost effective alternative to companies more familiar with traditional methods of erosion control. These traditional methods may include stone pitching, gabions, rock mattresses, reinforced concrete and rip rap protection.