Era Polymers  is known to provide technical expertise and facilities such as blending vessels and reactors for the toll manufacturing business. Era Polymers supplies a broad spectrum of ancillary products which are inclusive of release agents, primers, pigments and curatives.

Era Polymers offers pigments that are known to be congruent with foams and elastomers. These pigments provide a variety of pigmentation. Bright colours are suitable for marine use. Era Polymers also offers different types of dyes under the brand name Reactint, which is available in a wide range of translucent colours.

Primer coats from Era Polymers are known to solve the problem of adhesion of polyurethane not being able to bind to some substrates. Primer is known to act as a bonding agent that has the capacity to bind to various materials. Era Polymers possess a complete set of primers to enable secure binding of the polyurethane to various substrates.

Era Polymers provides plasticizer which are inert solvents with relatively high boiling points and can be used for the cleaning of chemical dispensing guns and polyurethane machines.

Era Polymers also supplies a wide variety of release agents that can be used for the process of removing the cured polyurethane. The requirement of release agents varies with the polyurethane.