Era Polymers  now have a range of polyurethane floor coatings available that are hard wearing, easy to maintain and will enhance the natural appearance of interior timber floors.

Able to be applied by roller or brush to timber or concrete floors, Era Polymers have two floor coatings available; Eracoat and Eraseal.

Eracoat is a range of solvent based MDI, TDI and Aliphatic (non-yellowing) top coat timber finishes. These floor coatings are moisture curing polyurethane suitable for interior timber, parquetry and cork flooring, and will provide a highly resistant and extremely durable protective film. Customers can choose from a range of gloss or satin high build finishes.

Eraseal is a clear, solvent based, fast drying sealer that can be sanded easily and adheres well to all species of timber. Formulated to be applied as a thin, primary coat under all Eracoat floor coatings, Eraseal provides an optimal block to resin exudation problems in oily timbers such as Tallowwood, Spotted Gum, and Brushbox.

Eraseal is also an efficient isolator to wax extraction problems experienced with particle board and minimises the darkening of timber associated with solvent based floor coatings.

Era Polymers also supply a range of additives for polyurethane, solvent based flooring coatings, including:

  • Eracoat FCA Flow - minimises the rejection problems normally caused by wax, oils and other common household contaminants
  • Eracoat FCA Wet Edge - enhances the flow characteristics of polyurethane coatings and is useful when extreme temperature, humidity and wind conditions are present.
  • Eracoat FCA Accelerator - accelerates the through cure of the polyurethane system
  • Eracoat FCA Thinner - enhances the flow characteristics of the polyurethane coating
  • Eracoat FCA Cleaning solvent - cleans tools used in the application of polyurethane coatings.