Era Polymers  (agents for Fomo Inc. USA in Australia) introduces Handi-Stick architectural foam shapes adhesive formulated for all polystyrene applications.

Part of the Handi-Stick range, the adhesive is a line of polyurethane foam adhesives compatible with all polystyrene applications including architectural foam shapes, mouldings, foam boards and insulated concrete foams.

A one-component foam, the Handi Stick adhesive is conveniently packaged in a pre-pressurised can and is easily applied in bead form, drying tack-free in under three minutes. Handi Stick architectural foam shapes adhesives adhere to polystyrene, concrete, cinder block, brick, exterior gypsum board, plywood and most other substrates.

Key features of Handi Stick architectural foam shapes adhesive:

  • Specially formulated to grab and hold architectural foam shapes
  • Easy to use – just flash and stick
  • Will not degrade polystyrene
  • Fast cure times providing quick and powerful bonds
  • Expands to fill uneven surfaces and voids
  • Meets ASTM E84 Class 1 for adhesives
  • Contains no volatile organic compounds or solvents that can harm polystyrene board
  • Fast and professional finish