The New Mardi Gras Company uses Era Polymer’s Fomo in the construction of their float and the sets for the after parade party!

Weeks of preparation work went into organizing this huge event, now in its 28th year. 130 floats were involved in the parade through the city, where as many as 500,000 onlookers lined Oxford Street for the occasion.

Handi Foam was used in the construction of the New Mardi Gras’s float, which this year was a boat. The foam was not only used for the gluing, but was also used to create the crest of the waves on the side of the boat!

15,000 people were expected to attend the after parade party held at Fox Studios, where the parade terminated and the partying started for revellers to dance the night away!

The party was held in 4 different halls at the Fox Studios complex. Each hall featured a different party theme. Fomo’s Handi-Stick Adhesive was used in the construction of the set in the ‘Hand Bag’ themed party. It was used to glue large polystyrene shapes together, which were then suspended from the ceiling!