Ever considered using an attachment mechanism as a design tool? Equitone makes this possible by offering a broad range of fixings designed specifically to integrate with your facade concept.

From the decorative rivet that matches the building colour to a plain joint, you can use these attachment options to suit your designs.

On a metal substructure

Equitone Uni-rivet

The panel is visibly attached to the substructure with rivets that match the colour of the facade.

On a wooden substructure

Equitone Uni-screw

The panel is visibly attached to the substructure with the use of screws matching the colour of the facade.

With the SFS TUF-S system

Equitone SFS TUF-S system

This system enables invisible fixing of Equitone facade panels. The fastener with agraffe is anchored in the panel with a standard hole and the installation can be carried out on a wood or metal substructure.

This overview serves to illustrate the design possibilities of Equitone facade panels and their attachment systems.

Image: Nursery in Munich | Architect: Spaces Architects and Urban Planners Gmbh, Munich | Photographer: Ralph Waltz Wienefoet