Specialists in pumps, filters, chemicals and maintenance, Epools has introduced a new range of water recycling systems including rain water recycle and waste water diversion systems.

Saving rain water and recycling it for swimming pool use can be easy. Recycled rain water can be diverted to domestic swimming pools by installing a simple valve system.

Existing rainwater downpipes can be modified to include a diverter valve. A hose leading to the pool is then connected to the valve.

When it rains, gravity then carries rain water from the roof directly into the pool. The water harvested is ideal for topping up pools, watering the garden or washing the car.

This simple rain harvesting or rain recycling systems can give access thousands of litres of restriction free water per year.

The amount of water saved depends on the roof size and rainfall amount.

The valve can be switched on and off and a filter can be added to the system to keep leaves and tree debris out. Through the use of a simple adapter, the valve can work with all the standard down pipe sizes and shapes.

The valve and accessories are available from Epools, an Australian on-line pool shop.

With ever-growing water shortages, water bills expected to rise and market demand for rainwater recycling systems is on the increase.