Finding the right spare part for a pool cleaner or other pool equipment when it breaks down can be a real problem.

Just one defective part can dramatically reduce the pool cleaner’s overall effectiveness.

Epools  has launched a new range of value replacement parts for Kreepy Krauly, Zodiac Baracuda and most other brands of pool cleaners.

Over time, critical components like the round skirt that sweeps the bottom of the pool floor can wear out. Bumper straps, diaphragms and soles are essential parts of the pool cleaner head that can deteriorate over winter.

Common problems pool owners face at the start of summer is their pool cleaner losing suction, getting stuck or simply not reaching the end of the pool. Without adequate cleaning over hot periods, the pool can quickly become green or cloudy.

Epools have a range of helpful troubleshooting tips for pool cleaner problems on their website. Simple routine checks like holding the cleaner head just under water and looking for normal movement, cleaning the filter basket, cleaner head and hose can fix most problems.

Checking all lines for suction is more difficult but working systematically back from the cleaner head can help identify many blockages.

Twisted hoses can be a direct result of coiling hoses for storage rather than laying them out straight.

Pool cleaners will not reach the end of the pool unless the hose is slightly longer than the pool itself. Epools stocks spare parts for most types of pool cleaners, whether new or old.

Value packs like Epools Kreepy Krauly Parts Kit includes most of the parts that commonly wear out. The parts are quality replacements which perform just as well as the original components.