Enzie Stairs  has introduced the new Roof space ladder for residential and commercial applications. Previously the installation of a ladder accessing potentially unused space has merely improved storage space and increased property value due to the boost in size; now with the Enzie Roof Space Ladder, such an installment also maintains the insular integrity of a structure.

This element is critical given a chain is only as good as it's weak link, there is just no point building the perfect house with efficient insulation only to have expensive heating or cooling escaping through the ladder access point.

The Enzie Roof Space Ladder combats this predicament through a design featuring both insulation and rubber seals, the only Roof Space Ladder to do so in Australia as a standard feature, it also offers the insulation of any ladder on the market featuring an R rating over 1.5. Not only do these innovative features enhance insulation but moreover they prevent dust and drafts from entering the home from above, thereby keeping the air cleaner and requiring little maintenance whether use is regular or rare.

The properties that also make the ladder efficient also make it attractive. The European design of the ladder gives a stylish pre-finished moulded hatch and built-in moulded architrave. The roof space ladder can be located anywhere in the house and it can easily match with the decor.

In this age of environmental awareness and global warming concern, it is comforting to know that even the smallest details are now being implemented to ensure the greatest of care is taken in every element of residential and commercial building.