The enzie spiral staircases, available from Enzie Stairs , provide both practical and aesthetic solutions for access needs in renovations and new home and apartment design.

A good example is a renovation in Sydney for a 1950's mansion The owners’s brief includes the following:

Small diameter stair that does not have balusters. Teak step to match ‘ships decking’ used on balcony the stair accesses.

50 mm painted stainless steel handrail to match balcony. Materials those are impervious to weather exposure. Provide safe access that can be used to carry trays of drinks and the like between levels. Ability to be used by children of all ages.

Bryan Mackenzie responded with a new design from Enzie Stairs. This style has good visual appeal with its free flowing shapes open design that the use of glass facilitates. Enzie Stairs now offer this design as a standard product.

The enzie Lucinda stair is available with a range of treads including timber, steel, concrete, stone and glass, and balustrade made of glass or steel. The handrail is available in stainless steel, mild steel or a range of timbers.

Since completing this stair Enzie Stairs have made a similar stair for internal use with Iron-bark timber steps and timber handrail and there is an order for a stair for a wine bar, which will have a glass balustrade, timber handrail and concrete steps.