Tobin eyewash systems available from Enware Australia can provide the vital first response required during emergencies, especially in remote areas.

Eyes exposed to chemicals accidentally can be seriously damaged within 1-5 seconds; in remote locations where plumbed emergency eyewashes may not be available, it is particularly important to provide emergency projection as soon as possible.

Tobin eyewash systems are recommended for use in areas such as mineral processing, engineering, construction, bushfire fighting, and dust suppression and extraction operations involving potentially aggressive substances.

Tobin’s internationally proven eye protection systems are distributed throughout Australia by Enware, and include Tobin saline eyewash bottles available in quick access hanging systems designed for the workplace to provide excellent first response to injury.

Important safety features of Tobin eyewash systems:

Bottle cap/air vent: The bottle hangs by its cap and is opened simply by breaking it off; Flow: Each bottle contains one litre of sterile 0.9% saline solution and provides approximately three minutes of flow;

Eye support ring: This facilitates prolonged washing as well as washing during transportation to a doctor;

No mechanical parts: The bottle is simple to open and easy to use with no moving parts that can malfunction; 

Open bottle: The bottle is designed to prevent people from saving unused liquid or refilling the bottle with other liquids;

Single use: The disposable eyewash bottle cannot be refilled; 

Round bottom: This safety design feature will not allow bottles to stand on their own, which helps prevent people taking bottles from the stand and placing them close to bottles containing other liquids; 

Bottom air vent: When activated, the air vent lets air into the bottle and ensures the eye is washed by a soft continuous flow.

A proven, quick and safe way to wash out chemicals from the eyes, Tobin's eyewash systems are specifically designed for fast application and contain a volume large enough to treat most eye accidents.

Clear simple instructions for use are provided on each bottle as well as on the bottle stands. Each bottle also displays the recommended expiry date.

Tobin eyewash systems are available in portable, compact and permanent versions.

Tobin eyewash systems join Enware’s broad families of safety and environmental technologies, including Enware emergency shower and decontamination technology manufactured in Australia to comply with some of the toughest regulations governing workplace safety.