Enware Australia  have introduced a new compact gravity-fed portable emergency eyewash station.

The 34-litre capacity HAWS7501 provides a full 15 minutes of flow to help prevent permanent injury to eyes exposed to hazardous substances.

Finished in a safety green and vibrant orange for easy identification, the new model features a centrally located ergonomic handle to maximise portability as well as a new filler inlet located to optimise servicing and refilling.

The new HAWS7501 joins an extensive range of Enware emergency shower and eyewash equipment providing compliant solutions required under ANSI Z 358.1-2004 and AS4775-2007 for industrial and commercial use where workers may be exposed to particularly hazardous chemicals and other injurious substances.

It is made from durable green high-density polyethylene with an orange fold-down arm for easy identification. Folding down the arm activates water flow and leaves hands free to hold open eyelids for a more effective flush. Folding it up protects spray outlets from dust, grime and damage encountered in indoor and outdoor use.

A wide filler opening with threaded cap permits easy inspection, cleaning and filling. Using the HAWS9082 bacteriostatic preservative allows storage of water for up to six months.

The recommended maximum time between accident and irrigation is 10 seconds, so emergency eyewash and/or shower equipment must be handily located, which is one of the features of this equipment, which is highly portable and comes with a wall—mounting bracket.

Enware Australia’s portable and wall and pedestal-mounted eye/face wash equipment is part of an extensive range of Enware emergency shower and decontamination technology manufactured in Australia to comply with the toughest regulations covering workplace safety. Enware Australia manufacture a range of stainless steel showers. The company is accredited to the highest ISO quality grading, ISO 9001, for its quality assurance in design, development, production, installation and servicing of its ranges of water technology and safety products. Enware Australia’s custom manufacturing capability provides solutions engineered to particular safety requirements.

Enware Australia’s emergency eyewash and shower equipment complements a broader range of Enware industrial safety equipment, spill prevention and containment products, spill pallets, workstations, salvage drums, overpacks and drum dispensing products.